What will you do?
"AVATAR" is a traveler of parallel worlds, whose vocation is to maintain a balance of good and evil on earth. Getting into a parallel world, "AVATAR" need help from the support team!

1. Control the actions of a real person at a distance.
Imagine that you are a support team and your task is to help "AVATAR"complete the mission and survive.)
2. Communicate with each other and decide for yourself
what to do!
The nonlinearity of the game will help you in this)
3. Solve the puzzles that fill the game! The number of puzzles and interactions is more than 100.
By the way, the location is 600 m2. so there is a place
to hang out!
4. "AVATAR" is endowed with a sense of humor, so you will not be bored. Provoke him)

Rules and caveats
If you have epilepsy, videos can trigger seizures.

1). The avatar cannot jump out of the window.
2). If the Avatar cannot perform the action, it will notify you.
3). Avatar has the right to deviate from the script line of the game.
4). It is forbidden to humiliate and insult the Avatar. The player is immediately transferred to the observers.
5).You are given playing time. If you do not have time to complete the game in a certain time, then you lose.
6). No additional travel time is provided.
7). The game is designed for 1-8 players.
8). The recommended age of players is 16 years and older.
9). During the game, technical pauses in the game are allowed, the administration reserves the right to such pauses.
10). Be attentive and observant.

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Sole Proprietor Nataliya Tarkhanova
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Ukraine, Lviv
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